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Gehwol foot care products

Gewhol is a leading company specializing in foot care products.

As denoted by its German name, which means "walk well", Gehwol products have been developed and researched extensively in order to preserve and maintain the beauty and well-being of the feet.

The Gehwol line is based on natural plant extracts, herbs, essential oils and Gehwol's own special ingredients.

The following essential oils can be found in almost all the products:

  • Rosemary Oil: stimulating, gives increased feeling of well being, activates and improves blood circulation, bactericide
  • Lavender Oil: relaxing, has soothing effect, promotes healing process, gives feeling of well-being, germicide.
  • Mountain Pine Oil: stimulating, refreshing, disinfecting and deodorizing effect.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: stimulating, antiseptic and wound healing effect.
  • Thyme Oil: strong disinfecting action, stimulating.
  • Citronella Oil: strong antiseptic effect, refreshing, stimulating and healing.

Gehwol helps:

  • tired, painful feet
  • burning and aching feet
  • cracks and fissures
  • foot odour
  • foot perspiration
  • cold feet
  • hard skin and calluses
  • fungus infections
  • corns
  • brittle nails
  • ingrown toenails
  • blisters
  • skin discolouration and blemishes
  • tired, over-worked legs.



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