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Bella Donna Esthetics, a holistic day spa in Nanaimo, BC


I have been coming to you for 18 years!  There are good reasons why I have followed you from each location as your business has grown and developed. You have helped me to explore new treatments when I was ready to experiment.

You offer such a wide range of services – I have been able to try many different things and find what is best, most reviving, most helpful for me.  

I appreciate your high standards of professionalism, that you are always seeking education and new ways to work in your field. I admire your attention to details in creating the space into which you invite your clients. It is beautiful, restful and adds a great deal to the experience. You have created an atmosphere of warmth where all the staff follow your lead and take an interest in clients, their lives, their dreams and hopes for themselves. Because you give of yourself, your treatments are richer and give more to the client than just the actual service itself. 

You have a gift of giving of yourself in whatever you do. You are especially interesting to talk with, discreet and appreciative of privacy, always interested in how my own growth and change is going. I look forward to coming to Bella Donna as a refuge, a place of discovery. I never fail to feel supported and rejuvenated when I leave. -- Margaret Ann Litch

When I enter Bella Donna day spa, I step into a sunny Piazza in Italy. The beauty of the spa—from the murals on the walls to the freshly picked flowers to Lisa’s mom’s home-made biscotti—make my heartbeat slow right down. And the genuinely warm welcome from Lisa has me instantly relaxed, even before I’ve begun my treatment.

Lisa’s many years of experience, and her own ongoing commitment to nurture the best in herself, in her staff, and in her clients, is reflected in the impeccable service, elegant atmosphere, and in her wonderfully healing hands.

As I wait in the reception area and sip a cup of mint tea, Lisa’s previous client emerges from her treatment room, looking radiant. Then, it’s my turn. An hour later, I emerge from my treatment, transformed. The facial, with Lisa’s accompanying head and neck massage, strips away more than just dead skin. The stress of the week dissolves under her magic fingers, and there’s a lightness to my step and a lift in my heart that cannot be bought. They’re Lisa’s secret ingredient, the gift she brings to her work. When you’re ready for divine nurturance, gift yourself a treatment from Lisa at Bella Donna. Better yet, make a day of it. I especially recommend her facials, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, head massage and pedicure. You’ll leave feeling like a queen! I always do. Thanks so much, Lisa!

Hiro Boga, MFA
Writer, Educator, Healer

I guess you could call me a spa schmoozer, meaning I love trying and critiquing spas all the time and where ever I travel. I am extremely drawn to Bella Donna's ... a spa with a very holistic approach, impeccable and unique services, organic products, warm healing ambiance, skilled, knowledgable and attentive staff.

It's a 10 in my books and that's why I've been an ongoing client for the past 12 years!!

Be well -- Nicola Ney

Tuscan Garden

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